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There are photo booths and then there’s PicShare Bar

You’re not a sardine, so don’t get packed in a can! Why jam yourself and friends inside a conventional photo booth with no room for props or to express yourselves? Our open concept PicShare Bar photo booth gives you and your guests room to get crazy and express yourselves. Grab some fun props, step into our PicShare station, and snap away when you’re ready. Your fun pictures will automatically be uploaded to our Bar sharing command center, where you can choose to print them on the spot, upload to your favorite social media site, email, or send to your mobile device. It’s a fun interactive experience that will add energy and spice to your next party or event.

PicShare Bar is a unique photo booth concept serving Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami Beach and South Florida.

Our BoothOur BoothOur Booth

More Colors than a box of Crayons!

“The coolest photo booth ever!!!”…. and it also comes in red, so it’s also the hottest! Our unique LED Enhanced photo booth and ipad kiosk, give a trendy and personalized look to any event. You can choose from over 15 colors to match your decor, uplighting, or event look. Your guests will be blown away with it’s “out of this world” look. So why settle for an ordinary looking photo booth?

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Perfect Background for every event!

Why settle for the usual white or black backdrops? We can design a digital backdrops to fit your desired look or theme, and also create a custom step-and-repeat for your special event. So whether you’re hosting a wedding, high school reunion, Sweet 15s, birthday party, or a business/corporate event, we will have the perfect backdrop to match your event.